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CAP-XX supercapacitors benefit from a unique nanotechnology construction that stores electrical charge in engineered carbon electrodes, arranged in multiple layers and connected in parallel to minimize resistance and maximize capacitance. This packs the highest energy and power densities possible into thin, prismatic packages.

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Contact Powercast at www. The PMG17 microgenerator converts unused mechanical vibration into a low but steady source of electrical energy. The porngif org then stores the energy and delivers the peak power needed to transmit sensor condition data over wireless networks such as IEEE Together they can power wireless sensor nodes indefinitely.

Contact Perpetuum at www. Tests again showed that the LED BriteFlash approach delivers more light energy than most xenon flashes in a thin form factor suitable for slim camera phones and digital cameras.

Left: LG KU 5-megapixel photu with a xenon flash unit delivers flash power so low that the girl is barely visible as a silhouette. The two photographs of the colour scene with metronome were taken in a dark room from 2 meters photu to compare a standard battery-powered LED flash in a current camera phone and BriteFlash:. Note the poor colour reproduction from the colour chart.

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On the other hand, Light Power refers to the intensity of a flash. The Xenon flash has excellent light power, but a very short flash exposure time. An LED flash, powered by a supercapacitor, photu lower light power over a longer flash exposure time for total Light Energy that exceeds most Xenon flashes.

The SonyEricsson K uses two of these electrolytic capacitors, while the Nokia N82 uses one of the same size.

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The bulky electrolytic capacitor precludes a thin form factor for a Xenon flash solution with adequate light energy. The SonyEricsson K uses two electrolytic capacitors, each measuring 7mm x 18mm. The internal shot shows two electrolytics fitted inside and the other shows the electrolytic and supercapacitor in profile next to the phone.

Supercapacitor-Optimized LED Flash Drivers To achieve high LED photu, designers can add a thin supercapacitor to deliver peak flash-power, using the battery to cover average power needs and recharge the supercapacitor between flashes. Integrating the circuitry outlined in blue boost converter, supercapacitor balancing, I2C interface and LED current controlnew supercapacitor-optimized LED flash drivers from major IC companies photu as AnalogicTech and ON Semiconductor are now available to save time, board space and component cost.

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A white paper explains. Also pictured left for comparison is the Nokia N82 xenon flash solution with its large, cylindrical electrolytic capacitor.

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The original phone delivered 1 watt of flash power for milliseconds while the CAP-XX-modified phone delivered 15 watts for the same amount of time. The photos below were taken using the unmodified phone on the left and the CAP-XX-modified phone on the right.

The unmodified phone delivered 1W of flash power for ms while the modified phone delivered 15W of flash power for ms. Note that the Photu Current never exceeds mA even though the flash pulse is 4A.

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