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Post navigation. Posted by Colton Trujillo January 17, 0 Comments. Posted by Matthew N. Andrews and Andrew D. I know, same old story. The eliminations bring surprises with Brittaney stalker and ex-porn starMarcia loves tequilaand Melissa crazy eyes all remaining.

After being eliminated after the second episode Constandina asked the question: What is this Rock of Love or Rock of Fuck? Update: You can catch up on Episode 3 here.

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David S. Grant is the author of Corporate Porn, a novel published through Silverthought Press. His rock and drug fueled double novel Bleach Blackout, novel The Last Breakfast, and short story collection Emotionless Souls are now available.

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For more information please go to www. Post your comments and discuss the article below! Just another lame excuse to get whores My wife watches the show and I enjoyed the recap much more than the bits of the actual show I've seen. I guess I've never really understood reality or any kind of show that is meant to titillate and make the viewer think they are going to see something that they aren't.

Why not just watch porn if you want to see women naked going down on each other? Even though I've never been much for watching television, I've given it a try. Friend watches it and I wanted to have something for us to talk about at work.

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I just couldn't get into it. Nice post I bookmarked you, I have freewares visit me if you needyou can copy my posts if you want tanks if you link back when you post from my blog. Page 3 of 3. You are commenting using your WordPress. Fork Yeah. Share on Facebook Pin it.

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Bret Michaels was the best bachelor on Earth The problem with The Bachelor is that it culls its contestants from real life. The girls were out of their damn minds and proud of it Unlike the army of dental hygienist clones who parade the Bachelor house, the girls on Rock of Love were unique in their messiness and as proud of their fake boobs as they would be of a newborn child. The show was self-aware One of my lingerie sex gif vendettas against The Bachelor is that it treats itself like a documentary rather than the heavily scripted and over-produced fantasy show it really is.

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She is now a caregiver for senior citizens in Los Angeles. Yes Insta: destineymooreofficial Daisy de la Hoya Known for: Going on the show while still living with her boyfriend; having her own show, Daisy of Love Where is she now: After Bret dumped her, Heather attacked her at the reunion show. Heather was supposed to have her own show, but VH1 gave it to Daisy instead. Daisy tried to pursue music and acting, but, sadly, struggled with addiction, including heroin and crystal meth.

According to her last interview inshe is sober. She went back to school for performing arts in Nevada.

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Also a flat-earther who is against migrants and metoo. After RoL, she and Bret dated for about 10 months. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Rate this:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The second season featured another set of 20 women. After the show, the two maintained a relationship, but parted ways after just a few months.

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The third season premiered on January 4, A fourth season was offered to Michaels, but it was announced in May that he would be appearing in a new show entitled Bret Michaels: Life As I Know Itbased around his everyday life. In April a breach-of-contract lawsuit was filed against both Michaels and the show's producers by the owner of the mansion, Ray Sahranavard. Sahranavard said there were multiple holes in the walls and ceilings, the doors had been removed, that almost the entire interior had been repainted, and that most of the landscaping was dead or dying.

A crew member from 51 Minds Entertainment was involved in an auto accident on Interstate 57 in southern Illinois during production of Rock Of Love Bus. The crew member, who is not an associate of Michaels or part of his tour staff, was traveling alone to the next location for the series.

The girls were out of their damn minds and proud of it

The accident resulted in two fatalities in one car and injuries to two passengers in another vehicle. The crew member survived and was released from the hospital. Rock My World is the fifth music album by Bret Michaels. This album is a greatest hits compilation featuring songs from his last two studio albums and also features three new tracks plus a remixed track. All the music heard during the Rock of Love series is on the album.