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All the shirt sleeves are too long, and the jeans need to be rolled up 4 inches before I can wear them. You know why?

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Gas pedals and short legs do not mix. Again, I just need to carry a step stool around everywhere I go so I can get what I need to get. Always being on the front row. Even the smallest person can change the course of the future. Being short is so annoying. Relatable sabrina.

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National Short Girls Appretiation day. National Short Girls Appretiation day short girls short girl my stuff. Originally posted by rascalr As a girl who barely reaches 5 feet tall, this is an accurate depiction and a good example of what it would be like if I ever date someone over 5'8.

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Want to see more posts tagged short girl? Happiness and confidence attracts people xoxo. So my family moved and I had girls be dragged along as well short means new school and I'm kinda scared that I'll be judged tumblr I'm in high school but look like an elementary kid so and advise?

Love your blog btw I bet this answer is long overdue, so sorry, just had a lot going on myself.

Is it weird how much I love shorter girls? Or I love being taller than them?

However, if anyone else tries to tease you. Originally posted by imaginary-desires. Originally posted by frozen-delight. You are basically always running to keep up with them because one of their strides equals two of yours. Originally posted by impalaimagining. This also means you get to use his shirts as dresses!

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Not that he minds, tumblr loves seeing you in his shirts. He may not admit it out loud, but he secretly loves that he can pick you girls and throw short around, this is especially fun in the bedroom. Hey, did you mean something like this? Anonymous asked: I'm 16 and 4' I always get called a midget by kids who are younger than me however many other people adore the hell out of me. When he goes on a long hunt without you, this is how you greet him.

I am 5'1" and full of rage.

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Short girls with gigantic muscles, reblog if you agree!!!!!!! I really don't think guys prefer shorter women or taller women. Why are tall guys always attracted to short women? Polly pockets. The tallest guys always-always-always go for the shortest girls. Someone they can tower over.