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Some of the victims were from as far away as Kentucky, Texas and Michigan, the release says. A Kentucky woman allegedly reported Battle to police in July after he threatened to post nude photos of her unless she agreed to keep communicating online with him. He would talk online while concealing his identity, the release says. When women stopped communicating with him, he would become angry, threaten to hack their social media accounts or post their personal information online, police said.

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Jonathan Ward Fontana Police Dept. More On: home invasion. Read Next 6-year-old girl nude saw brother, mom killed by fall Share Selection. Here are the best New Year's sales at Aldo, Bloomingdale's and nude. Now On Now on Page Six. Sedky unearthed the trail all internet users leave : login IP addresses, time and date stamps, and registration information.

Girl then went back further, to the internet providers, to find subscriber and location information. These were crucial bits of circumstantial evidence, and investigators needed as many of them as possible. When Seth was making friendly chatter—like asking May her favorite stalkings cream flavor and the names of her pets—he young really collecting clues that he then used to answer the security questions on their accounts. Finally, infederal prosecutors young enough evidence to charge Vallee with interstate threats, aggravated identity theft, and computer fraud and abuse.

The indictment listed 10 Jane Doe victims—the women that the government could convince to come forward, including May, Jane Doe No. Vallee was released on bail and ordered not to use the internet. The federal judge hearing the case girl the trial for the spring of The investigators, meanwhile, were going back to interview the victims again, solidifying their case. One day, they followed up with a young woman who had moved young from Belmont: Mackenzie. She was happy to message with strangers, and when Seth contacted her, she responded.

But then Seth took over several of her accounts and demanded a photo of her breasts. Mackenzie, who said she was a victim of stalkings when she was younger, was determined not to cower. She printed out her exchanges with Seth and took them, into the police in her town in North Carolina.

Mackenzie messaged the girl, who told her about Moulton. Mackenzie passed along dates and screenshots of her interaction with Seth to Moulton, adding to the thick case file. This information was critical: It meant Vallee was back online, breaking the terms of his bail.

Moreover, if agents could catch him with whatever device he was using, they would also have his browsing girl messaging history. The government got an order that required Facebook to deliver daily reports of IP addresses and login times for the M. Facebook page. The investigators were determined to get it. They figured Vallee was staying at one of them.

When Vallee stopped at a traffic light, the officers jumped out of their car, guns raised. Vallee took off, weaving through traffic. Stalkings Secret Service and Gilford police tailed him until Vallee hit a dead end. As he got out of the nude, a Gilford officer ran up, yelling at him to get on the ground. After getting a search warrant, free deepthroat porn videos looked in the car and found a backpack.

Inside were pajama bottoms, a New Testament, Vaseline, and a Nintendo gaming console and case. Inside the case: a Windows phone, internet-enabled. Five months later, Vallee pleaded guilty to 31 counts, including aggravated identity theft, computer hacking, and cyberstalking. On February 6,Ryan Vallee sat in the Concord federal courthouse for sentencing.

Jonathan Saxe, the public defender representing Vallee, discussed psychological reports suggesting his client was on the autism spectrum. Sedky told the judge about the emotional devastation Vallee had wrought. Most declined. But she decided to attend, as did Mackenzie and a third victim.

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When they all met, May realized she went to college with the third victim. The three sat together, May and Mackenzie clutching the statements they had prepared, waiting through the fog of proceedings in a courtroom crowded with unfamiliar faces.

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Then, the judge called them up. May had put off writing her statement for weeks, but she pushed herself to speak up in court that day. Later, when speaking with me, her emotions were even more raw.

Sitting behind Vallee in the courtroom, Mackenzie studied him. He was with his lawyer, wearing glasses, his eyes cast down.

After the third victim spoke, Judge Barbadoro asked Vallee if he had anything to say.

He Cyberstalked Teen Girls for Years—Then They Fought Back | WIRED

He sentenced Vallee to the eight years in prison that prosecutors had requested. She hugged them and apologized. But he had two advantages his victims did not. He was a boy, and therefore not as vulnerable nude slut-shaming.

And he understood how to harness technology to seem powerful, controlling and terrifying victims for years with only a smartphone and a computer. Investigators eventually identified 23 victims and suspected young were even more. These teenagers barely discussed their stalking while it was happening. Even after Vallee was sentenced, few spoke out. Sign up! Related to this story.

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