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Unfortunately, resolution com overall video quality varies quite a bit, too, and often, somehow in watchmygf of rapidly improving technology, it leans toward the poor side. Don't get me wrong, there are watchmygf great MPEG files in here, ones with large resolutions, and that aren't compressed all to hell.

Every now and then, you even catch a few that were made by someone competent enough to secure least use good, strong lighting and not shake the camera like they're in some half-assed Blair Witch knock-off. I'd have to say, if the site has a weak point, the photos com be it. Again, you'd think some of these couples would use higher quality cameras. They're not as expensive as they were, say, 15 years ago. Nevertheless, we end up with pictures that are, more often than not, poorly secure, grainy and low-quality. Oh, and did I mention that they're watermarked?

Still, though, there are quite a few of them.


Last I checked there's photo galleries in total. Much like their video brethren, however, they tend to be a little inconsistent when it comes to the number of image each contains. Some sets have upward of 80, whilst others may have as few as five. I'd say a good average would be per set.

As I phat biracial women naked have already touched upon, your membership gives you access to 17 additional sites. A hell of a bonus, if you ask me. The membership fee is, admittedly, a bit steep, but I think that's made up for the massive amount of content they have.

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Not to mention the fact that they treat you to over 5, DVD titles, which cover more niches than I currently have room to list. Needless to say, whether you're into trannies or or plain old solo masturbation, you're well covered here. A great bonus, especially for those occasions when you're more in the mood for seeing a professional in action.

Inspector: BeerhatMcfly. Follow porninspector. The Best Porn FreeOnes 7. Planet Climax 7. Abby Winters 5. - Warning!

ATK Exotics 4. ATK Girlfriends 4. I Feel Myself 4. Downblouse Jerk 4. Naughty Mag 4. Nubiles Porn 4. The site is missleading and altho has lots of content none of it is half as good as it looks in thier adverts,plus they advertise videos that arent even on thier site.

Is this malicious?

Sikboy 0. Once you enter the site you quickly realize you've been had. Luckily I only wasted Horrible Horrible Horrible Has Videosz access which is the only positive. Quality of non dvd material is worse than free porn tubes. No way to search by length or resolution. Horrible horrible site. However the credit card info you provide is first routed through a scam system prior to being legitimately billed through jettis.

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Be careful!! Be careful with com site. Signed up to it and was billed a bunch of times by them and other random companies. I tried cancelling but it watchmygf a mission. I am secure getting charged and its pissing me off. Be careful. How to cancel your trial!

To everyone that has had a problem trying to cancel accounts affiliated with starsupport. It was a pain in the butt but I managed to cancel my account by carefully reading the small print I remembered about when signing up.

Site not working ? Try a VPN service

Every time I tried to cancel it brought me to "starsupport. The site provided no help whatsoever and was impossible to log in or find a contact number. So now back to what I said earlier. To cancel the account you actually have to go to one of the three companies listed in the first line. For me it was Jettis. I typed in my credit card number and email.

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Just make sure to re-login to Jettis to make sure the account will be canceled. Visit Watch My GF.