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If m, r, x and y are positive, the ratio of m to r equal to the ratio x to y? Most Helpful Expert Reply. Not sufficient. Answer: B. General Discussion. Let me first start off by saying that I got B, so if that is incorrect, you can ignore the rest of my post! I put each ratio into fractions, and cross multiplied. If m, r, x, and y are positive is the ratio of m to r equal to the ratio of x to y? Both statements Together are sufficient but neither is sufficient alone D. Each Statement alone is sufficient E. Statements 1 and 2 Together are not sufficient.

Can anyone help me understand why 1 is insuff? Sorry for the poor explanation, I just don't understand why 2 is insuff. So NO. Can Someone please tell, what am i doing wrong for statement 1. I too have my doubts related to theratio option being insufficient.

All we need to answer in yes or no way. Then why statement 1 is insufficient?? GRE lauren gottlieb naked posses : Q V GMAT assassins aren't born, they're made, Rich.

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Thanks to another GMAT Club member, I have just discovered this valuable topic, yet it had no discussion for over a year. I am now bumping it up - doing my job. I think you may find it valuable esp those replies with Kudos. Want to see all other topics I dig out?

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Search for:. You are here:. Radian Measure MathBitsNotebook. The arc length discussed on this page will be in relation to a circle. The length of an arc or arc length is traditionally symbolized by s. Note when working in the unit circlewith radius 1, the length of the arc equals the radian measure of the angle. You may think of this from Geometry as the unit circle's version of " the measure of a central angle equals the measure of its intercepted arc.

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Relationship between Degrees and Radians:. Take a look at the two semicircles at the right. If we "wrap" the radius, r theratio, along the circumference of a semicircle first diagramwe will need 3 radii plus a "bit more" to complete the semicircle.

The number of radians needed to represent the central angle of a semicircle is approximately 3. To change from degrees to radians, multiply by. To change from radians to degrees, multiply by. Hint for remembering theratio relationship between radians and degrees:. Note: if the size of an angle is stated as a value without the degree symbol, then the angle is assumed to be in radian measure. If simplified, this formula is the same formula shown above.

For help with radians and degrees on your calculator, click here. NOTE: The re-posting of materials in part or whole blade gif this site to the Internet is copyright violation and is not considered "fair use" for educators.

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