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But it was the experience of a lifetime really. The film stirred headlines even before it was released in theaters. At age 16, Hussey stripped down for a love scene depicting her wedding night alongside her co-star Leonard Whiting [Romeo], who was also 16 when he took on the role. In America, it was very taboo. But in Europe a lot of the films had nudity. Nobody really thought much of it. But it was just the fact that I was 16 that got a lot of publicity… The large crew we worked with was whittled down to only the very basic people, a handful of people.

It was a closed set Hussy admitted she and Whiting, now 68, were attracted to each other. Is she that girl from True Grit? If so, she's a romeo good actress. Sex teen on camera they'll use body doubles.

Skeptical x 1. Well, in Massachuesetts, Mississippi, from several other states, she is old enough to get married Her parents should have said no to this, but I am sure their morals have been overshadowed by money. So long as the parents are giving there approval I don't really see the issue, its not like this is rare for the industry. I think this "nude" scene will be tame compared to that movie.

She's pretty enough to play Juliet? I actually think that nude of the right age playing these roles are a good thing. Should they do a sex scene? No and it shows just how naive the characters were. People act like Romeo and Juliet was juliet greatest love story ever told when in reality it is about two children who don't really know what love is rushing into things which eventually turns tragic. Girls my opinion it's not Shakespeare best work. Just the most hyped. Thanks x 2. This is nothing new, the kids who played Romeo and Juliet in the Zeffirelli version showed nudity.

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