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On the other hand or chest if you love buxom bosoms covered in blood, this film will surely satisfy you. Requiem For A Vampire is the fourth feature from cult horror director Jean Rollin, once again showing off his weird fascination for young female double-acts, vampires and freaky ass clowns. A scene involving Marie-Pierre Castel being whipped by Michelle was shot twice, one with clothes and one without, so that more sensitive audiences could still enjoy this lovely little torture scene.

A beautiful young bride marries into a family with a hilary shepard nude secret and quickly becomes haunted by dreams of a mysterious woman. The film is filled with lurid hallucinations and dreams, which constantly have you second guessing the movies next move.

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Yes, the film has more boobs and buts outside of a Pamela Anderson sex tape, but it also a surreal journey through a unsettling living painting of masked beauties, killer twins, mutilated dolls and more burning candles than a performance of Phantom of the Opera. The film sees a wealthy hedonist discover that his scientist father, is carrying out experiments to unlock the secret of immortality.

Daughters Of Darkness is the erotic take on the legend of vampire Elisabeth Bathorthat you never knew you needed. Director Harry Kumel was not worried about delivering shocks and gore but concentrated more on making a more artsy-fartsy film, with a deeper moral compass.

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The movie explores the vows of marriage, putting them to the test against outside forces of sensuality, sexuality and bloodlust. A lot of Vampire films have a weird fascination with innocence and virginity, with this purity of sexuality being a key element of the films plot. Throwing this much tits and ass on screen, in modern day, is more akin to softcore porn than arthouse cinema.

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Hammer Horror and Ingrid Pitt are the perfect paring for this period piece horror drama. Clearly Olay have missed out on the AB-positive market.

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Countess Dracula is filled with buxom bosoms straining at tight tops and well placed cameras to catch them naughty fear factor women all their wobbly goodness, but it also features ample boobage and a very un-Hammer scene where Pitt is shown fully nude and covered in blood. Mary, Having, Bloody Mary is a crazy little 70s sexploitation film that is as thin on story as it is on budget. A sultry artist Cristina Ferrare drives around Mexico in a big white van, moonlighting as a vampire.

The film does however redeem itself, by flopping vampires into the lesbian vampire subgenre, and turning all those frowns upside down. This gritty, bloody and damn right disturbing film just so happens to have one of the best lesbian love sex ever placed on celluloid. And when they finally do, it naked some sexy exchanging of blood and a trippy, al fresco sex session. Bill and Lorena's Hate-Sex Bill and his maker the vampire that turned him and serves as is vampire "mother" Lorena have a pretty screwed up relationship.

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For one, she turned him against his will into a blood-sucking creature, essentially stealing him away from his wife and child. That doesn't stop them from hooking up, though, in one of the most unforgettable, twisted pun intended scenes in the show's entirety.

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We will never think about hate-sex the same way again. Bill and Sookie Reunited For fans on Team Bill, this season one scene is by far one of the best from the whole show.

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After mourning her dead vampire lover for an evening, Sookie wanders into the graveyard to cry some more. But of course, Bill isn't dead, and literally rises from the grave for sexy time with his favorite fairy. It doesn't get more hot and dirty than doing it sex the ground in a cemetery at night with a vampire. All rights reserved. We use cookies to collect and analyze information on site performance and usage, and to enhance having customize content and advertisements. By clicking 'X' or continuing to use the site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed.

To find out more, visit our cookies policy and our privacy policy. Remember Me. Already registered? Phoenix's independent source of naked news and culture. If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters. Vampires are inextricably tied with erotica. Which makes them the perfect platform to explore the most taboo of sexual subjects. In Let The Right One In a year old boy called Oskar falls for his mysterious vampire neighbour — a tragic, innocent, violent, genderless vampires feminine Eli.

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She in return is drawn to him when she witnesses him stabbing a tree with a knife, sensing that his imagination may be as bloody as her reality. Later in the film she climbs naked into bed next to him after a vicious murder.

As Claudia, a woman forever trapped inside the body of a girl, she begins to develop a sexuality that is insatiable.