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This goes double for [OC] posts. Home About Nude-O-Rama. Shakti the Warrior Woman — Redux nudeorama January 16, Another post for ye fans of fantasy erotica, from our friends at Bare Maidens. Warrior Woman Shakti Gets Naked In Enchanted Forest nudeorama November 1, And now a little something for you fantasy nerds out there — Shakti, a luscious raven-haired warrior, strips out of her armor and gets naked save for high-sandals and enchanted sword in an idyllic wood.

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If I were playing a male character, it would look just like this as well. Most, arab ladyboy I women say not all, armour looks identical on male and female characters, save for their basic silhouettes. This is the difference between it and WoW: one is not seen as more capable of fighting than the other. You will run across it. On both male and female characters.

And male NPCs wear it, probably twice or three times as often as female characters. In the most recent Hildebrant chain, you see four male humans, huge and muscular, wearing matching subligar bottoms and non-subligar tops in purple, pink, green and black, no less.

The female characters who wear it ireland baldwin photo not treated as fetish objects and the male characters are not fantasy as superhuman. I do feel, though, in combination with a seeming lack of preparedness to fight and medieval presentation of being unsure or unable to fight means that the artist does not intend for you to take naked character seriously.

And heck, why not?

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Seriously, guys, get over yourselves; nobody is forcing you to play a character with boobs. Not to forget that some of these people are part of the army of the Undead Fleshso wearing bloodied rugs is kind of their thing…. One of the dead men had been wearing a fine mail coat, so fine that I suspected it had been made in Frankia, but the man had been so thin that the coat fitted none of us until Gisela took it for herself.

Gisela ignored him. She put on her black cloak and stared defiantly at Guthred. She looked like a Valkyrie, those warrior maidens of Odin who rode the sky in shinning armour. Log in Sign up.