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Henna Tattoo Design Stencils Instant Henna Tattoos Belly Tattoo 7. Butterfly Tattoo 5. Celtic Tattoo 6. ChineseTattoo 9. Christmas Tattoo. Dragon Tattoo 2.

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Fish Tattoo 2. Stick-on Tattoos Tribal Tattoo Zodiac Tattoo Definitely worth the purchase if you're hesitant about doing permanent ink. See All Buying Options. Really cute. I'm particularly tan and it's a pretty contrast between my skin and the tattoo. I like the elephant pattern one the most.

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You can sweat and get the tattoo wet and it won't rub off. I'm a pretty sweaty person, so I'd know. Just don't sit there and rub it every five minutes and it'll last you the entire day and some. If I could I would be it 10 stars! I'm in love with these! They will go so perfect for my music festival coming up. I tried one on and it stayed for a good 4days!

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My tattoo is much darker after only 12 hrs. Add to cart. These tatoos are so cute.

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We use them for a rave and they held up all night and came off easily in the shower. All you have to do is cut around your design and use a dampened spount or paper towela nd place.

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These are also perfect for bid day if you are in sorority or going to the beach or party and wanting to add a little something extra. Highly recommend. Easy to use. Currently unavailable. Great product to try out, easy to apply and develops into a dark black faint at first, then dark greenish.

I have a plotter, so I cut out stencils myself on adhesive vinyl and then apply the ink over to get the exact designs I want. It's fun to cycle through designs and even give it a misha for tattoos you henna actually want permanently; allows you to "test-drive" the design before you commit.

Cone Henna is normally used to misha skin designs. Henna cone is a plastic tube which is filled with fresh Henna Paste. In Pakistan, India and Middle Eastern countries, Henna has very significance religious as well as cultural importance. They tube it to color their hair and decorate their body tube different occasions of marriages, EID, Dewali and other kim possible mom nu henna social events. For skin decorating, women mostly use Henna Cone Tubes.

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Cone tube is plastic tube which is filled up of Henna paste. It is very clean and easy to use.

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Its cone tube has good quality henna paste which is perfect for clear and dark design. It is chemical free Henna Cone and has only natural ingredients in it. Its shape makes it very easy to grip so that you can make perfect designs.