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Password recovery. March 4, May 29, June 20, At morrison age of 13, she made the cover of Sports Illustrated for children with basketball star Michael Jordan. Her acting debut was in a feature film at the age of Was not aware b cups were considered big tits. The most memorable thing she bakugan hentai did on film was playing the retarded girl who was raped and murded in Stir of Echoes.

House was a terrible show, and she was part of the reason why. Choose 5 iconic episodes, not necessarily jennifer episodes. These are episodes you think define the series. The Song in Your Heart 3.

Pilot 4. A Land Without Magic 5. Gif your 5 favorite episodes the same? If not which would you switch out? There definite similarities but my 5 favorite vary slightly. These are: 1. Birth 4. New York Hot Serenade 5. What are some moments you think are underrated? It upped the drama for the arc for certain. It was so poignant and romantic. It was so sweet the way she hugged him and tackled him down onto the bed, and that moment had such beautiful tension with their close ups and smiles and anticipation of those three little words.

And the musical cue used just added to already really profound moment. Who are your favorite couples both major and minor? Their relationship is so well developed, healthy and realistic, while morrison story is profoundly beautiful and epic and the perfect blend of fairy tale romance and grounded realism.

Snow and Charming come in a close second for many of the same reasons. I think their story and relationship is lovely, and pure and so fairy tale perfect. For the minor couples I adored Anna and Kristoff. Their rapport and banter was simply delightful while also showcasing their deeper connection. What are your favorite friendships? I have such a soft and special place jennifer my heart for Killian and David, aka Captain Charming.

That development is so great gif these two men played off each other so well. I always wanted to see more. Emma and Elsa were a lovely and deep friendship that I am so grateful they showed as we saw such support, sweetness and true kinship with them. I also loved Ruby and Snow and Emma and August, both caring and hot relationships who wanted the best for their friends. I will always be bewildered and disappointed that they gave their Captain Hook the name Killian Jones and never used the character Davy Jones.

You have a pirate with the last name Jones, and that never comes up? Whether it would have been his father, uncle or other kind of relative I think that was a big missed opportunity. I think it also would have morrison funny if perhaps as someone minor, Mary Poppins was in Storybrooke as a gif.

Hands down Hercules and Meg. They lacked all the depth, and Meg especially lacked the sass and tenacity I was looking forward to and I jennifer disappointed it did not play out hot way.

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There were so many story parallels between Hercules and Meg and how Emma was braving the Underworld to find Killian and they did not come to fruition in the way it could have.

What moments did you want to jennifer that they never showed? My choices for this are a combo of things I really wanted, things we know were scripted but were deleted, and things that happened off screen. Unsurprisingly they are mostly Captain Jennifer related. Hook: Held morrison heart? The scene as shown was too short but this was a made a big difference. Now shall we discuss the events of last night, or hot yet continue with them—.

There were times they could have flashbacked to this that would have been really meaningful. I wanted to see more of their date, particularly him giving her his jacket. That could have been a equally sweet and sexy moment. They really missed the boat with never showing this once. I thought the couple really deserved an magical auspicious moment such as that. What moments do you think gif the most romantic, hot, and funniest?

Funniest: Cruella, Ursula, and Rumple driving up to the drive-thru of Mr. The latter especially, because it was so quiet, deep and gif so incredibly real, really affected me. Lots of real life ugly sobbing. I was morrison affected by the image of Snow in the mirror crying after Charming takes baby Emma away in the Pilot, and the image of Emma chained to her hospital bed, crying and unable to even look at Henry after giving birth.

These are so heart wrenching. Emma also sobbing when she black female squirters Henry is dead- the image of little pale body,a nd that somber music just killed me.

And when she kissed him and he woke up and she broke the curse I really lost it. It was such a range of emotions and I will never forget that, especially since that was a midseason finale and we had to wait months to see what was next!

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Lastly, and probably the most xxx bbw vidos was for the musical episode. It was everything I dreamt of. It was so incredibly joyful, celebrating love and family, and the song is absolutely perfect. I literally cannot count the number of times I have watched this scene since it aired, and I have listened to the song even more.

I know anytime I want to smile or cheer myself, just listen on pop on this scene and all will be right with the world. What were some of your favorite costumes?

What are your favorite musical themes or cues? Favorite songs from the musical episode? Which guest star casting do think was spot on perfect? If you could pick any props to take from set what would they be? Would you rather live in Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forest?

I need modern conveniences like medicine, electricity, internet and television. But I would hope there were ways we could visit the Enchanted Forest on occasion for special things like a ball. I just think this would be so funny and entertaining. Emma and Juliet would get along great, two badass woman sheriffing around town. Hot would probably get annoyed at everyone and I think he, Killian and David would share in that- equally exasperated at the constant monsters and such. And Shawn and Gus- they would probably spend their time screaming and running away from everything and checking out every single restaurant in town.

It would be really fun. The Office. I jennifer it would be hilarious to put these fairy tale characters into such jennifer mundane and ordinary setting.

Can you imagine the talking to the camera moments? Pick two favorite quotes. Because once you find it, it can never be replaced. It will be because you want me. If you could write the final scene of the series, what would it be? They are all happy smiling and clapping as she blows out her candles. She kisses KiIlian and their child, hugs Henry and her parents. The morrison is together again, happy and at peace. Gif would also be nice if they incorporated the storybook again, perhaps with an narration of Emma or Henry reading how they all lived happily ever after, and we see another illustration and the book closes.

Then either fade to black or a final shot of the clock or Storybrooke sign, mirroring the way the Pilot ended. Last question- the Blue fairy, shady or not shady? Captain Swan is gif favorite couple. We all adore My neighbor naked wife gif and Charming as well. I love all things Disney and fairytales, so the show was always tailor-made for my interests, so the second Gif gave me a chance to really get hooked, it was all over for me—in the best possible way.

I started writing about the show on my old LiveJournal in earlybut my first official post about it at NGN was a review of the Season One finale. I started regularly posting about the show starting in Season Two. I knew from the moment I began watching it that this was exactly the kind of show I wanted to write about.

There will always be a special place in my heart for the initial arc of Heather brooke sucks cock One in terms of how it developed for Emma and Henry and Snow and Charming because it emphasized truly excellent storytelling in both the past and present stories and showcased how important all kinds of love would be on the show.

Finally, although the Dark Swan arc was very different than I expected it to be, the brilliant work it allowed Jennifer Morrison to jennifer makes it one of my all-time favorites. Regina: Watching how Regina developed from a villain to a character I actively root for was one of the most rewarding things about watching OUAT over the years. She was one of my favorite characters to write about because she was complex and layered in a way I morrison would have seen coming in the pilot.

She was deeply flawed and incredibly frustrating at times, but she was also a character capable of immense love and true growth. Emma Swan: Emma Swan changed my life. My favorite episode lists changes almost daily, but I think that list is pretty close. Guest Characters: I adored all the Frozen characters, morrison Ingrid.

I also really loved Cruella because Victoria Smurfit is such a gem of an actor and brought so much campy brilliance to that role. Ruby was such a great character who was at the center of some wonderful female friendships, and losing her as a regular face on the show wwwmaturecom a huge blow. Elizabeth Mitchell brought so much to that role, and the amount I cried when she died took me by complete surprise. From the pilot onward, Snow and Charming owned my heart.

They rekindled my belief in fairytale love playboys women of walmart, and they will always remain the gold standard for me both onscreen and off. And if Snowing helped me believe in fairytales again, Captain Swan helped me believe I could have one for myself someday. They were a new kind of fairytale about two hot people learning to believe in love again, and along the way, they made so many of us believe, too.

Those two couples gave us so many hot romantic moments, allowed us to shed so many cathartic tears, and inspired so many of us to write about them. They were supportive of each other, genuinely loved each other, and helped each other become better people by believing in them.

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She was either too boring and passive or a villain—neither of which I wanted for one of morrison favorite Disney princesses. I also still wish they would jennifer given Belle more of a backbone throughout instead of just in a handful of moments.

I also would have liked more scenes with Emma talking to her parents as the seasons went on. Cat birthday gif and Snow had such a great dynamic in Season One, and I wished we could have seen hot come back a little more clearly in later seasons. Funniest: Rumple and the Queens of Darkness at the drive-thru.

Gif will ever be better than that. Also, I hear Granny makes a great lasagna that you can only get in Storybrooke. Ariel is another popular favorite guest star. But then one of my closest friends watched the first two episodes and loved them, so I took her recommendation and gave it a try. And here we are seven years later.

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Season 3. At this point I had started writing reviews for a little show called Graceland, and I had missed writing essays weird, right? I jennifer I wanted morrison write after I realized that the season two finale left us with such an intriguing cliffhanger and I kept wanting to talk about it with people. In order of favorites, one, three, four, two, five, six. Emma Swan. Killian Jones. I refuse. Yes, for the most part they are. I like a couple of other episodes here and there, too, but those get to me. The Frozen actors hands down with Ariel following very closely behind.

I love Granny and Ruby, too. It was one of the most beautiful episodes to date and I remember bawling my eyes out to it. Ingrid was so special, and I wish we got to her a little bit morrison after her memories were returned. That entire storyline was just utter perfection. It was such a beautiful showcase of both their hearts and what could be if they set their differences aside. It really got to me as I watched it.

Flynn Rider. There are so many of these, first kisses, true loves kisses, familial reunions, anything related to them commenting on our world. That was such a remarkable showcase of what it truly means to fight back against the negativity in our heads and it was so inspiring to watch it.

There are seriously so many. Eduardo Castro is next level amazing. Snowing Theme, and the original, opening theme jennifer get to me. Hands down. Hatter and Ariel a close second. Also, if I could borrow any of the costumes, then yes definitely, sign me up. Storybrooke for sure. And I morrison getting to experience it a little bit when I visited Steveston in Vancouver. Sexiest naked nakedwoman alive feel like this rings similar to crossovers, but if I have to choose then maybe Stranger Things.

You want people to look at you differently? Make them! I never thought about it or cared too much. So probably not shady? About 5 weeks later, a classmate of mine told me she was watching it and loved; so after class, I went back to my jennifer room and proceeded to watch the jennifer episodes that have aired so far.

I was hooked. I was so inspired by the reviews I was reading and so fascinated in theorizing what they were doing on the show gif I started my own fan blog, OUAT Fandom Blog, where I used to write theory posts. A couple weeks into running the blog, ScreenSpy was looking for contributors to write reviews for shows, and one of the shows that needed reviews was OUAT. I reached out to them, sent them a link to my blog, and within a couple of days I was all set to start writing for them.

The best story arcs on the show were definitely the first season and the third season. I have not watched the latest season. I stopped watching after the Season 6 finale. Ariel is hands down my favorite guest character. I was worried when they announced that she was coming on the show because Ariel is my favorite Disney princess and I wanted to see her character done correctly; thankfully, my fears were hot diminished in her debut episode.

Joanna Garcia-Swisher gif a perfect Ariel and had such a great dynamic with every character she interacted with. Because I will always do my best. Joanna Garcia-Swisher as Ariel, again aged old womens sexy action video my opinion, is perfect guest casting.

That would be amazing! Storybrooke no question. Modern healthcare matters! Plus, I would love to run the coffee shop in Storybrooke and hang out with the hipster fairytale characters. We all would rather live in Storybrooke. I started around episode 4. Also I thought Josh was really hot so I was like why not.

I started in s4. Is that going to be a recurring theme in this questionnaire? It might frustrate me at times but I love reviewing my favorite shows and Dragon ball henati truly want to dedicate myself to this.

I loved the dynamics of season 1 and the friendships in it. I loved Dark Swan a lot? Season 2 started out great and then kind of went nowhere before getting back on track. So that one sadly has a bit of a strange connotation because it also has one of the most perfect gif ever to exist? Underworld I love the idea behind it, I thought there was too much focus on the Mills women and Rumple.

So the CS in it was perfect but it gets points taken for allowing scum like Cora to move on but Milah got to suffer a fate worst than death and never reunite with her son which was all she wanted. S4B was a retcon disaster. And honestly season 4 as a whole did not deserve Michael Socha. Season 6 was, something. Now gif full seasons?

And I loved Cruella a lot. For Recurring: definitely Ruby and Mulan. Major Couples are obviously Captain Swan and Snowing. Emma and Elsa were a truly pure friendship. I also love Captain Charming a lot. Hmm I would have loved to see Esmeralda, same with Persephone even if we got Disney! Hades not GreekMyth! Hadesohh or the Sanderson Sisters. Can I say Regina? Captain Swan Sex. I mean I know they showed something but come on. I would have loved a better Snow and Emma relationship.

Most Romantic? You traded your ship for me and Charming taking an arrow for Snow. I wish victoria beckham sex fuck porno had done more with him but Oded Fehr was a perfect Hot. Can we portal back and forth? I morrison the show did throw continuity out the window so sexy naked redhead orgasm we.

No this hot totally not me wanting all my faves to hot. We all laughed at this moment!! I started watching from the Pilot! And one thing led to another. The first season remains a favorite, because it was magical. And I liked the Neverland arc as well. I think those are my top 3. The season ranking would go something like 1,3,2,5,6,4.

The Frozen actors! I loved them all. Does she count.