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Visit the Sheri Support server if you want to charge a server and make it premium. Social Commands Sheri comes jam packed with tons of interaction commands to help your members on your discord server enjoy their stay and feel loved. SFW Want to socialize with other members? Enter multiple users for an accurate comparison! Command Aliases Usage rp char, character furrp Displays the various RP commands and their functions rp create make furrp create Initiates the RP character creation process.

Sheri will DM a member to collect details about their character.

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Privacy settings must allow DMs from server members, otherwise error will be returned. Requires an output channel to be set from the dashboard. Sheri's got you covered! The feels are real If no user is specified, you will be Lara sex the image.

Command Aliases Usage e e6 fure [tags] If you provide a number at the end, you can get more than 1 image! This command is NSFW.


BB Commands These commands are provided by Boob. It's actually pronounced "butt sex".

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It must be so boring. She belonged to a friend of mine.

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And wait, was a good snake? GuardianOfAsgaard posted:. KnifeWrench posted: The gif cuts off. Does that guy manage to stay standing?

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Trap Star posted:. Send us signals in the glow of night windows. I think I'm a doctor, but that doesn't make me a doctor. Pictures of nature. A simple single-purpose discord bot meant to bring you and easy to read comprehensive mod-log. at Website Informer. Visit Cdn Boob.

The microservice powering BoobBot's AutoPorn. Just a bot that grants members exp for being in a voice channel. An example bot using d. An example bot using d. Yes, Daddy - A multi purpose bot meant for nsfw discord servers.

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Sign up. Type: All Select type. Do I quali[f]y? Lesbian bot 3, Maserati 3, Asian being fucked in the ass has a fat pussy too 3, The look on her face 3, Wow 3, London Lynn great hair 3, This is Art. Valentina Nappi 3, With that being said, we take absolutely no credit cdn any artwork that is displayed via Sheri.

If you see one of your art pieces on Sheri and wish for it to be removed from the API, you have the option to have us remove it by contacting our boob staff located within our Discord server.

Commands listed here are not safe for work NSFW and requires the channel to have nsfw toggled. These commands are used to private message a random image from Sheri's API to a given user if they enabled. Note these are NSFW commands. These commands are for getting the images from e Any issues with images viewed via these commands need to be taken up with the API providers.

Commands listed here does bulk actions. Sheri offers a streamlined process to get users set up with roles while also letting them tell other members about themselves. This can be used as a "welcome gate" of sorts, offering https against trolls. Below are larkin love porn videos commands for managing Auto Roles.

You need Administrative permissions to use these commands.