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Temperature play involves using cold or hot objects to arouse sensitive areas of the body, and ice cubes are an easily accessible way to achieve cool sensations.

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While you can definitely use ice cubes during sex, there are both safe and potentially dangerous ways to do so. Here are three techniques to avoid when using ice in the bedroom. This is even more true on the sensitive skin around genitals or other erogenous zones," says Crista Annea sex educator and advisory council member for the Effing Foundation for Sex Positivity. While she recognizes that temperature play can be a fun way to shake things up in the bedroom, Crista says it's important to be careful and remain aware of what is happening with your partner's body.

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Before using ice on sensitive areas, Crista says to let it thaw out slightly. Set it aside in a bowl or cup for five to 10 minutes. While the ice is melting a bit, get things heated up for maximum sensation shift. Ice sticking to sensitive areas can be damaging and painful," she adds. In general, you should proceed with excessive caution when using ice internally. Post-sex, slowly move the ice cube across your guy's back for a frisky cooldown, then ask him to return the favor.

Use Ice Cubes in Bed | Men's Health

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. What Does "Sex Positive" Mean? If you really want to drive her wild, avoid the erogenous zones—like her nipples or inner thighs—until the very last minute.

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As you build up her arousal, her body will start to heat up, and those sensitive areas will feel even more sensitive when you eventually touch them with ice. Remember when Ralphie got his tongue stuck to the pole in A Christmas Story? When her body gets hot, it starts to loosen up; when it gets cold, it contracts.