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The work is less concerned with image and more with an expansion of sensory information. Paint is the meaning and in this way encourages slower looking and a more intimate inspection of the surface. Browse artists profiles. Packaging and delivery method will vary according to the type of work.

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Featured Content View All. Ocula Conversation Sandrine Colard on the 6th Lubumbashi Biennale The Democratic Republic of the Congo DRCthe largest Francophone nation in Africa with vast resources and nearly 80 million inhabitants, is a place where commodities play a vital role in the national economy and the country's significance on the world stage. HomePage Artists. Francesca Woodman.

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Read More Sinceher work has been exhibited widely and has been the subject of extensive critical study in the United States and Europe. Framed 3: Boughs Of Time - From in Pictures, The Journalists Vision Francesca Lowe and Alasdair Gray have created 'Terminus', a padded-room of acrylic ink on canvas on the theme of tiffany star porno girl 'Fairground of Life' with words on paper by Alasdair Gray - an exclusive new short story on the same theme.

Man's obsession with personal geographies, self-improvement and codes of conduct is the theme of Terminusa collaborative project between the painter Francesca Art b. London and the experimental novelist Alasdair Gray francesca. Glasgow Terminus fuses Victorian preaching-maps and art symbolism. It investigates the potential of a secret moral guidance system at work within the structure of a fairground. The exhibition encourages visitors to indulge visually and mentally in a game of symbolic unravelling, as they grapple with what it means to be human.

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Francesca has total control. She beckons you to follow her upstairs to the private chamber… if you dare. An instant classic! Photography Photography See All.

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Young, Paul. Wood, Eve. Beautiful Dislocation, artnet. Myers, Holly. Annaccone, Carmine.