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The best genre of any. They struggle, nudity ensues, more parties, bit more nudity and someone ends up with the hot chick at flicks end, or they get revenge. And then more nudity. Asgardian Bigfooty Jedi. HBF Flying Scotsman. Oh the flesh movies of the '80's.

Those magnificent movies that would go straight into video stores, to be rihanna bare pussy out by horny 15yo boys. Oh how I miss them! The Flesh Club Legend. The Bikini Shop. Papa G Brownlow Medallist.

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Mr X Club Legend. Does Nine and a half weeks count? Tim the Toolman Norm Smith Medallist. I thought this thread was going to mention movies like The Lovebiter with a young Peter North! Bomber32 Brownlow Medallist.

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Dry Rot My hat is better than yours. For the mature thinking chap, Body Heat had some nice flesh and a ripping, film noir story. Monkey Worshipper Club Legend. Hot Moves - the mzansi porne fat guy flicks reminds me of Pete Sampras. Porky's for me. I'm supposed to be older and wiser, but I still find the immature humour enjoyable, and flesh couple of scenes still have me rolling on the floor years after I first saw them.