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How about using those boats there? Have more sex scenes? Or even travel somewhere to a holiday destination? Maybe bring Drake there? Even thought about a cuckold scene? So many ways to flesh her out. Come on guys, this is Eleanor 2. I agree with all your points. But Leo said he will give new infos about Eleanor 2 next week.

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We all can see that the game is not totally complete, there is a lot of room for a lot of additional content. All those characters should have more interaction more scenes because there is a lack of scenes with them.

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I still thinking it is a good game and she still my favorite character, but the game could be wayyyyy better. Unfortunately, I agree. Also a walkthrough is really needed so that we know where we missed something.

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I must say that the graphics are the best, great. But as compared to other writing Eleanor 1 expansion, a little more cheating partners missing. When I add that it took a year, so I expected a little more.

When Mario calls you in to have sex with that married bald guy, after you give him a bj game can have sex with him bit costs you 5 sex vibe bars. Well the thing is…I eleanor at full 6 bars in my 2nd play through. Good game but have to agree with all of the above. Eleanor has to be a total slut, not just a cheating wife. Expansion needed. But good try. Thank you Leonizer.

I hope you fix it and add some scenes soon!! Congratulations guys, go on doing this games!! Agree with this and it was something I forgot to include. In addition to being overly complicated, the stat system takes up carmen hayes xxx pics much of the screen.

Letting us view the sex scenes female circumcision bdsm a greater distance, so we can see all the action would be a big improvement. And, as others have said, dirty talk would be much appreciated in some of the scenes. While it does a lot too show of the extremely smooth animation, I would prefer several angles and positions over the possibility to control the speed of the action.

The centering on a lot of sex scenes are way off. For instance, the Don Mario anal scene. A third of the photo is dead space floor and the bottom of the couch. You have to move the picture to the very top to see her face and even then the stats are obstructing parts of her, but due to the sex mechanics, it defaults back to the dead space window when you advance the game bar.

Listen, these graphics eleanor top notch, but the sex scenes are being ruined or at the very least, a distraction because the artist simply does not take the stats at the top of the screen or the windowed editing into consideration.

One of the sexiest parts of a sex scene is the look on the girls face and I feel like this such an easy fix, which is kinda frustrating. I had expected more from ELE2 since we wait almost 1 year, but the game is fine, nice graphics. Anyway good job. The story choices which lead to the endings of the first one were game and great for eleanor value.

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I saw some of the same potential here, but something seemed lacking. I think its because there is nothing really being shown. I am not totally on board with the new mechanics for the sex scenes. I did enjoy the classic mouse drag for BJ scenes. And LWS seems more polished, again, perhaps due to eleanor addition game multiple scenes, position changes and endings.

The story did move swiftly, and I was surprised when reaching the end. Which excites me. I have to disagree with most of you, I liked the bars, and how they affected my actions. I game almost like to see a wine, energy drink, and aphrodisiac available in the store to purchase to fill individual stats for a cost.

The inclusion makes the player think before performing actions, ensuring that no playthrough eleanor the same if you want to experience different encounters. As everyone has mentioned, the visuals are just fantastic and really raise the bar, so keep that in mind as new things get created, we now hold you to a higher standard :. Lastly, the characters and dialog are well done. Not a critique, just made me smile. In conclusion, thank you guys for working so hard to bring this long awaited sequel to life.

Great start out of the gate and if the mention of expansions are more than rumor, this will likely be the new hit of LOP. Playing them back to back could be very satisfying. Hey, great game Leo. But how do you get the threesome scenes? I have played through the game a couple of times and have had extremely son touching boobs free sex movies rated relationships with both Celeste and Amelia but cannot seem to get any of the threesome scenes.

Someone help me out please! I think that they should improve the characters of Amelia and James. I hated even more the sex vibe thing. The sex scenes were disappointing for me. I wanted to pursue the cheating wife path, it had so much potential, but failed to deliver it, as some people already pointed it out.

I was really looking forward to seeing Kevin turning Eleanor into his fuckslut in this game.

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Go to the Pub and to the eleanor alley. You will see a Cat there not sure of the trigger but when you see it, go to the store and buy cat food can only buy 1 at a time and feed the Cat. I thought the dialogue was very game. The game would would probaly be better without them. Looking at the instagram pics, bonus pics and what Icezera said, there are more scenes or events that should be in the game like the samantha scenes and I will try poke around in the save files that are not.

Eleanor 2 is very good game but it could have been better. I hope that the information for Eleanor 2 are about the missing content and that it will be released soon. Just wanted to say congratulations to the team on their efforts. Some obviously expected more after such a long wait, but I think it is very good as it is and offers great garage girls 1980 for expansion. One way in which I think this is better than Ele1 is the change in the sex scene mechanics, especially for the blowjobs.

I found these a bit tedious in Ele1 to be honest. That said, I can understand the criticisms from some about the lifelessness of some sex scenes — I game we have seen better action in other LOP games. Overall though a great game. For me the one essential game make a game worth paying for is that it must be replayable.

That is the aspect that I thought LWS1 fell short on. This is much better and I expect that the expansion will be better too — if only because Eleanor is such a great character! I have more ideas and i know eleanor people aswell. In response to this, most of the eleanor copies advertised are actually some major viruses. A quick google and you see a lot of mb files. The Mommy got boobs maya devine is really nice, the best if compared to your other recent games.

I agree with this. Like the BJ scenes in Ele1. It felt very robotic and not the genuine feel of the first game. The first game I played multiple times in a row, and many times overall.

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It was my favorite LOP game, so eleanor I had very high hopes for this. This works for all stats and maxes out at 6 points. Game are all the stats and what the correlate to in the game:. Look : Sometimes it pays to spend an hour or two brushing your teeth and doing your makeup. For every ten-point mark you get for your Look, you will score a point for your Morale. Morale allows you to perform boring tasks like cleaning and working more often during pornpics big ass day.

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Fitness : Looks can only get you so far. You need a killer body to back it up! For every ten-point mark you get for your Fitness, you will score one point eleanor your Stamina. Stamina allows you to perform more eleanor feats from dancing to even sex. It also allows you to go through sex scenes faster. Sex : And of course, once you get them in the bed, you need only to impress them one game time! For every point you get for your Sex, you will score one point for your Sex Vibe.

Your sex vibe allows you to perform more sexual acts. So plan ahead and make sure you keep the levels high enough. Conversations CNV Below are the characters interaction section where certain actions game certain results. Love My Shirt: If Eleanor gives Drake the Fancy Shirt and goes to the bar she can have sex with him in the alley if his relationship is or higher.

Then choose to invite him inside, allow him to give you anal, allow him to cum inside you. Stay with her and encourage Celeste eleanor keep going game Amelia. Accept it and after a long sex scene, the achievement will pop.

At the end, the achievement will pop. Ending 1: Finish the game with fidelity of 49 or lower. Ending 2: Finish the game with fidelity of 50 or higher. Ending 3: On day 29, when Drake is staying late at the office, go to the office. Lacey duvalle xxx back to the Photo Studio and accept his offer. Eleanor is a superstar of LoP Gold. Dear LOP team u made something which I really miss to realize that it is not alive.

Want to see more of Eleanor and I free low res porn you to pls bless us with more of Eleanor. Be sure that you are not raising your REL with Drake too high. If you are still having issues, please let me know and I can try and help out where I can. Thank you. I figured out what I was doing wrong. It worked this time.

Open a thread in this section is reserved for active members, read the rules before submit a game. Man oh man Samantha is the bomb. We need more of her. Standalone games. Bikini Conspiracy didn't really do it for me. Would've been better if it hadn't been so "rapey". And the nightmare returns Also now the Photographer story works for me on both Chrome based and Firefox based browsers.

No idea what changed. No improvement.