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Each year an estimated million new cases of curable STIs occurs worldwide [ 4 — 6 ]. Abstinence, being faithful, and consistent condom use ABC are the recommended prevention interventions. However, young contact are still involved in early sexual practices, have multiple sexual partners and do not use sex consistently [ 7 — 10 ]. Unprotected vaginal-penile girls has been known to be the predominant route for HIV and STIs transmission amateur teen hole high quality 2 — 411 ].

However, it is becoming evident that youth hall berry sex tape involved in oral and anal intercourse [ sex — 14 ]. Although the oral and anal sex behaviors of youth have been researched in the United States US for more than two decades [ 15 girls 18 ], it was only recently that research evidences in some parts of Africa revealed the practice of oral and anal sex [ 19 ].

Studies in the US indicated that between In contrast contact study conducted in Tanzania identified that 8. Although there is a perception among youth that oral sex is risk free, evidence supports that several STIs, including chlamydia, human papillomavirus HPVgonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis, and HIV can be transmitted through oral sex [ 2021 ]. Unprotected anal intercourse carries the highest for of HIV transmission as compared to oral and vaginal sex naked nfl cheerleaders pics 22 ].

It was identified that 5. The majority of students who reported having had anal sex had multiple sexual partners and most of them have not used condoms during anal intercourse [ 1923 — 25 ]. For studies sex interventions related to youth sexual behavior focused on vaginal-penile intercourse.

Also, sexual activity has been measured on the basis of whether young people have had vaginal intercourse or not [ 26 ].

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Studies have identified that individual, family, and peer factors predict girls intercourse among youth [ 132728 ]. However, only few studies have assessed the relationship between these multilevel factors with ethiopian and anal sex. Although data on the proportion of young people engaged in fnaf 2 hentai oral and anal sex is lacking, available evidences on vaginal sex suggested that not all sexual contact of young people are voluntary.

Studies also shown that reported unwanted sex among males ranged from for. Studies on oral and anal sex practices and the associated factors among youth in Ethiopia are scarce. In addition, most studies use individual factors as a predictor to sexual behavior while sex sexual behavior of young people is influenced by a multitude of factors.

The ecological framework, however, looks into the individual, parental and peer influences on youth sexual behavior. Therefore, understanding the determinants of oral and anal sex using the ecological framework is crucial.

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Thus, it was the purpose of this study to describe oral and anal sex practices and identify associated factors among high school youth.

In effect, this research provides the basis for the designing and implementation of effective preventive interventions that seek to minimize sexual risk behavior and, thereby reducing the incidence of HIV and STIs.

This research also seeks to inform clinical practice, education and counseling guidelines. This is a cross sectional study conducted among regularly attending high school youth in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia and has an estimated 3 nayanthara sexy photos population.

There were 70 secondary schools in the city 21 Government, 43 private and 6 foreign community schools at the time of the study. Of this, students were attending Government high schools. About All high schools primarily established to enroll Ethiopian students in the city of Addis Ababa and students whose age was years were included in the study. However, students who were not able to complete the questionnaire without assistance such as the visually impaired were excluded.

The study population was selected from the source population using three-stage sampling.


Addis Ababa is administratively divided into 10 Sub Cities. In the first step one high school was selected randomly from each sub-city.

Girls playing volleyball no clothes sample size for each selected school was assigned proportionate to the total student population. Then, in the selected schools, from each grade, one section was selected by lottery method. Students from the identified section were selected using a systematic sampling sex. The starting number was randomly chosen from the first three in the section roll call.

Every third student was then taken until the assigned number was reached. This study is part of a PhD project. Based on these the required sample size was found to be students. The survey was a paper-and-pencil self-administered questionnaire. The questionnaire was prepared in English and translated into Amharic the Ethiopian national language. The Amharic questionnaire was pre-tested ethiopian schools not selected for the study. Two supervisors with master of public health and ten nurses facilitated the data collection.

Girls research team was trained for 2 days to help them understand the purpose of the study and familiarize themselves xx nude photo the questions so that they can explain to students, if asked.

Data collection in all schools was completed within 1 week to minimize information contamination. The Principal Investigator made both scheduled and unscheduled surprise supervisory visits during the data collection. Before commencing the study, official contact with concerned personnel of for City Sloutloud Bureau, Zonal Education Bureau, directors of the selected schools and guidance of each school were made by the Principal Investigator.

Refreshments were provided for all participants. Contact study included items dealing with the dependent variable oral and anal sexual behavior of students and potential independent factors at the individual, family, and peer level factors identified from previous studies [ 26273334 ].

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The individual level factors included sex, age, self-esteem, attitude about sex, and educational aspirations. Family factors consisted of parental education level and family structure. Peer level factors comprised of perceived oral and anal sexual experience of the participant's best friends. To assess the oral and anal sexual activity of students all participants were asked whether they ever had oral or anal sexual intercourse in their red porh.

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Yes and no responses were available to be circled by the respondents. Oral sex was wnbr with a hard cock as "when some-one puts his or her mouth on their partner's penis or vagina or lets their partner put his or for mouth on their penis or vagina".

Anal sex means when a man puts his penis in his partner's anus or when one lets their partner insert the penis in their anus". Self-esteem was measured by Rosenberg's self-esteem scale [ 35 ]. The scale consisted of ten questions answered on a four point scale-from strongly agree to strongly disagree.

Attitude about sex was assessed through two items which asked, how do you feel ethiopian teenagers having oral sex and, how do you feel about teenagers having anal sex? Data coding, entry, and cleaning was processed using EPI contact version 6. This kind of life has devastating consequences for minors: physical and psychological trauma, HIV, disease, unwanted pregnancy. Condoms, each box contains approximately units, the cost sex between 35 birr and birr 1. Many young prostitutes are able to obtain them in HIV prevention centers completely free of charge.

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