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Shocked at how all of the girls have gone to England, the boys prove how Welsh they are by going camping in a field but it's ruined when sheep steal their tent. Returning home, the boys go all out to bring random girls back but it's ruined when the girls get back from London. Natalee finally apologises to Carley and says she'll spend carly time with her, but then leaves her for Anthony. Back at the house, Chidgey and Carley discuss their situation and Jenna finally chooses Jason over Leeroy.

Whilst at the Valleywood photoshoot, the boys wreak havoc with the girls by dragging them around in mud leaving Lateysha angry with them. The group then decide to go the Swansea as Nicole is missing her friends, and it's awkward for Lateysha when Nicole's boyfriend arrives, who she once had a thing with.

Natalee gets too drunk though and everyone returns to the house. Chidgey comforts Carley when she's feeling down and Jenna mistakenly thinks she's seen them kissing. The next morning Carley admits she doesn't feel guilty anymore because of Natalee's behaviour with Anthony, and Jenna receives a text from Leeroy asking her to meet him. Wife pegging gif stands by her decision though and sticks with Naked. On a girls night in, Jenna tells Valleys about Carley and Chidgey's "kiss" but Carley overhears and swears it isn't true.

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After all the bickering Carley confides in Leeroy. Jordan decides he's not happy with the lack of work from Carley so forces Liam to teach her how to DJ. That night, Natalee is far from impressed when she spots Anthony pulling a girl. As Chidgey also brings a girl back, he's soon let down when she changes her mind and ends up with Leeroy. Natalee blames Chidgey the next morning for encouraging Anthony to get into bed with a girl and throws a bowl of cereal over him.

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Natalee then moves onto Anthony and tells him that they need to stay away from each other to avoid getting hurt. However that night, Natalee goes for revenge on a girls ariadne shaffer nude out and kisses loads of boys. Carley also goes all out to prove she doesn't have feelings for Chidgey and tries to pull a boy, but then the boys gatecrash their night and she's immediately drawn to him.

The pair get close and end up in bed together. Nicole attempts go-karting to practise how to drive a real car but it's a disaster when she falls out. With Valleywood approaching, Lateysha feels she's the only one taking it seriously. Jenna's mum visits and Natalee tells her about Jenna getting with Jason, so her and the twins fool her by swapping the twins around and discussing the situation.

Natalee gives her approval for Chidgey and Carley before they go out on a date together and then get into bed with each other after their night out.

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A disaster in bed with Jason causes Jenna to be more drawn to Leeroy, and Natalee gives into temptation and gets back with Anthony. The next day Chidgey has no idea that Carley thinks that they're more involved than they actually are and she isn't impressed when he flirts with Millie that night. As the night of Valleywood approaches, the group go for rehearsals but Carley is clearly troubled and can't take it anymore. She returns to the house, packs her bags and goes back to Cardiff without telling anyone. When everyone realises Carley is gone, Natalee and Chidgey pin the blame on each other.

They all return to the house to find a letter from Carley and Natalee's left angry when Carley calls Chidgey her best friend.

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The night of Valleywood finally arrives and it all goes successful. Lateysha is horrified though when she discovers she was wrong about being the headline act and discovers Leeroy actually is. Blue sparkle dress nicole morris the valleys lush dresses dresses prom dress sparkly dresses cute dresses style. Nicole : My Fanny! My Foof!

Jenna : There Go My Knickers! After the show, Nicole moved over to Magaulf to work as a shot girl for a little while, but is now planning on getting back into beauty and nails after moving to Newcastle with her boyf. Lovely stuff. Having originally planned on becoming a world famous model, Natalee has now switched ambitions and focuses on her status as a self-made girl boss instead.

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But here's the best news for any romantics out there - Natalee and fellow Valleys co-star Anthony are still very much a thing three years later. The twins are most memorable for their seriously shocking behaviour throughout The Valleys, but these days they're nowhere near as wild as that. After the show, they actually headed back to college to study mental health nursing and psychology. MTV News. Is there gonna be a valleys series 3?? Retrieved 1 February Get the lowdown on MTV's brand new reality entertainment series…".

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Retrieved 25 September BBC News. Retrieved 22 June Media Wales. Media in Cardiff. The Valleys. Only Connect. More On The Valleys.

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