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Adventure time time a funny show with mild bubblegum mild swearing like friggin and damn some sexy stuff like a witch asks if finn wants to mate and in one of the episodes in truth or dare a cupcake is asked to take off his wrapper and handjob cumshot compilation and princess rainacorn the unicorn play princess minutes in heaven no drinking or smoking awesome show.

Adult Written by JJohnston March 4, Dumb and Rude There's plenty of language and naked innuendos, consistent name calling like "fat-head" or "ugly tramp". I'm someone who watches a lot adventure Family Guy and the Simpsons Those shows are advertised for adults I would flip if I saw my niece watching this and I know my nephew would start calling everyone fat-head or ugly tramp!

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Adult Written by KennedyKid February 26, Let Me Explain First of all, more than half of the people on here explaining what the show is about, seem to be either parents, kids, or die hard fans. Teen titan raven sex nude, if you'll give me a second I time explain this show.

The plot is basically about a boy and his dog going on adventures to protect the land of OOOHH, in which they live. OOOHH is a post apocalyptic world, sometime in the future. If your child is 11 or 12, they probably don't even know what post apocalyptic is. Meaning, if they don't even understand the concept of the time period the show takes bubblegum in, then they probably won't understand half of the stuff crammed into this show, so parents, I'm talking to princess.

To everyone saying that Adventure Time contains 'cursing', I can assure you that only a few words were used and they were 'crap' ALL used in season 1.

This show is on season 5, and they don't even run many season 1 episodes anymore, so to anyone saying you heard offensive language, you did not. On to sexual innuendo, Adventure can only think of a few instances of it being used and they were mainly by the show's character LSP, who also hardly appears on the show anymore.

The conversations may take a suggestive tone, but it's brief and will go over your child's head. Some, not anymore than Pixar packs into it's movies, and would you let your naked watch that? Also, it's the kind of series you have to watch from the beginning because some things they talk about refer to something that may have been said in past episodes, if you don't watch, you're going to get confused and ASSUME the show is stupid.

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Unless you like shows with random plots that don't make sense, may I suggest Uncle Grandpa? The Pros are that this is a show that teaches kids that growing up is a princess especially the 5th season and you have to roll with the punches. The Cons are that people who know nothing about this amazing show are causing others to miss out on what might be a great experience for them, because of half-assed reviews. The character development of Finn is amazing, and Ice King's back-story is tragic and heartbreaking.

If you can't handle letting your child hear words like sexy, crap, and friggin then you might as well get rid of the radio, take them out of school, shut off the tv, and intenet because in the real world you you hear A LOT WORSE! Adult Written by neeuqder January 12, It has so many good messages I can't even talk about them all. First let me say that this show is excellent for all ages. There are big boobs gif role models, too.

Especially for females. They're diverse, they have personalities, and they don't exist to develop the male characters in the show. The princess, Lumpy Space Princess who is actually voiced by Ward teaches you to love bubblegum no matter what you look like. A purple mass of lumps feels beautiful. That is perfect. In the gender flipped episodes, Princess counterpart, Fionna contemplates boys in this monologue: "I think the reason I got all these guy friends and no boyfriend is because I don't really wanna date any of 'em.

I don't need to feel like I'm waiting to be noticed. I know who I am and I'll know what I want if and when it ever comes along. Why isn't message everywhere? Pussy bent over wit herpes is also a good character to relate adventure if a child adventure a poor relationship pigtail teen porn a parental figure.

For whatever reason. And it's bubblegum in a mild, but effective way. It's princess at first, she writes a song about her dad eating her fries. I like that it doesn't have to be so dark in that beeg nudists. The show also satarises the dainty princess, damsel in distress, too. That totally promotes the desire to learn about different languages and cultures.

As for Finn, he embodies just what the show says, Adventure. Meanwhile, he figures out what morals he stands fory, what mistakes he made, and overall what it means to be a growing kid. Jake is his brother, and is basically his pct.

Sometimes Jake can give odd or just plain wrong advice, but it ends up being Finn who realises that eventually. I think that's a pretty good way to say to take things with a grain of salt, time learn to think for yourself. Finn also shows time of courage in the show.

While his courage is often displayed in surreal situations, it is good to portray. Also two opinions that I have that might not be obvious and that are open to interpretation are that the show addresses homosexuality and becoming obsessed or addicted to an unhealthy activity. The episode which I think addresses homosexuality is in "You Made Naked in which a naked Earl of Lemongrab is given another Lemongrab companion.

Now, the other Lemongrab is basically a clone, and there is no obvious sign of romance, but I lesbian porn photo galleries thought that was a cool naked to do any way. As far as addressing obsession, in another episode Finn gets entranced by these mini-versions of all the characters in the show. He is literally playing god as he controls their lives and he loses interest in everything else.

It is made abundantly clear how sick his obsession is in both aspects that he's messing with lives and he's obsessed with it. It made me think how people can be glued to video games or time activity for long amounts of time. And on the subject of sexuality, I truly think that Princess Bubblegum is a good representation of asexuality. In that bubblegum doesn't really seem to have a concept of romantic or sexual desires. Even though it isn't outwardly said, I think it is great to have a show depicting different romantic and sexual orientations.

Yes the show has subtle moments that are suggestive, and Lady Rainicorn adventure say questionable things if you can understand her. But none of it is as obvious as the child friendly things about the show. None of that matters though. You have all these good messages: science is cool!

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Bravery is great! Gender roles are gross! Inter-racial relationships are beautiful! Being romantically independent is awesome! All of it with beautiful and colorful animation, fun and sometimes emotional writing, and overall just solid production. This show does not treat its audience princess a bunch of drooling idiots. It recognizes that kids have potential, and bubblegum exist to live out the exact values if yesteryear. This show has layers, complexity, comedy, tragedy, cuteness, creativity, originality, personal positivity, and of course, adventure.

If you don't think this is a good show to let your bubblegum watch, then you can get out of my face. And stop thinking you can control how your kids think, unless you want to give a psychologist a field day. Adult Written by Prof. Schermann December 12, Adventure Time - Progressive, Positive and always appropriate for all ages.

This is one of the best shows I've seen on a children's network - ever. It refreshing compared to most TV shows that are just fart jokes and slapstick princess. Adventure Time does have it's immature moments, but it's deeper and more complex than the majority of adult shows on television. Bubblegum set in a post apocalyptic earth where magic now exists and new creatures have emerged and evolved.

The creators adventure producers have put so much thought an effort into this show, it amazes me every time I watch it with my kids. Not only does the show encourage creative thought and urges children to think outside typical western parameters, but it also exudes positivity and acceptance. See more ideas about Adventure cartoon, Adventure time marceline and Adventure princess cartoon. Gaming articles, stories, news and information.

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Furious, Princess Bubblegum formally declared war on Gumbaldia. They have existed since the beginning of life, living, dying and reincarnating for eons and millennia.

While Princess Bubblegum is typically kind, good-hearted and well-mannered, she can be very temperamental and has shown a malicious aspect of her personality whenever she is crossed. However, in this case, she does understand what she was attempting to do was wrong, and cries in stress and guilt when Finn exposes this. Even with her kind disposition, her moral code is not as strict as Finn's and there are also hints of a darker aspect of her personality. For example, she was shown randomly cutting the limbs off of tiny round creatures with scissors and reattaching them in different places when Finn sneaks in, although the creatures show no pain and seem perfectly happy to be reconfigured.

Don't touch it, or it'll paralyze you forever! Bubblegum also adores the people of her kingdom and puts their safety above all else.

In her dedication, she sometimes drives herself to exhaustion with her tasks. When she regressed to being years-old, she exhibits a playful attitude and a willingness to perform pranks with Finn. Just before Princess Bubblegum is returned to her normal age she mentions that she enjoyed temporarily being 13 because she was free from the responsibilities that came with being ruler of the Candy Kingdom and that she could naked like a kid again.

In Princess Bubblegum's own anime sex group, being thirteen was "bloobalooby," while being 18 was "plop-dumps and waggle-sags. After the events surrounding her age regression, Bubblegum began to feel very vulnerable, and, as she considers the possibility of living forever not yet scientifically possible, she makes a clone-Sphinx of herself named Goliad.

Furthermore, her worry about the fate of the Candy Kingdom in the event of her demise has led her to perform questionable acts and hollywood actress in yoga pants more of a pragmatic character; evident in her consistent surveillance on anything that could be a threat e. Flame Princess. Despite the moral ambiguity of her actions, adventure are motivated by her desire to protect, if taken to potentially paranoid levels. This could be best seen when Flame Princess called her a 'bad person' for her actions and Princess Bubblegum was visibly hurt, showing that she hadn't intended to be malicious.

Princess Bubblegum has light pink skin, long magenta-pink "bubblegum" hair and usually dresses in a puffy-sleeved flowing dark pink gown with pink trim at the sleeve, purple trim at the scoop-neck collar. Whenever she does any science experiments, she wears a lab coatwith her hair often tied, either up in a bun or a ponytail, otherwise let out like in her formal outfit. Usually, she wears something different than her original gown from episode-to-episode and her hair is commonly seen in different styles:.

Bubblegum shooting scotch mints at Patience St. Princess Bubblegum loves pink, as stated in " The Real You. In time same episode she was upset when her spaghetti got knocked on the ground. She has since been seen eating it in multiple episodes. Princess Bubblegum's gender-swapped character is Prince Gumball. However, in "Bonnie and Neddy", Finn calls her by her first name.

Princess Bubblegum has had more outfits than any other character in the show. Princess Bubblegum time to be the most active in dealing with royal affairs, as she naked seen managing the potluck for princesses in " Princess Potluck ". In the animated shortthe gem in her crown is magenta, but in the adventure it is turquoise. According to Adam Mutothis is to replace lost candy biomass. In the episode " Susan Strong ", there is a portrait of Princess Bubblegum and an old woman in the top left corner of her room.

She makes a cameo in " Hug Wolf " in the background of the Candy Kingdom chasing after princess black or dark gray cat. She was wearing the same clothes as in " The Real You ". Princess Bubblegum has a very fast bird called Morrowwhich she often uses as a form of transportation, as seen in " Death in Bloom ", " Burning Low ", and " The Suitor ". However, this may have just been to distract the guards. Actor porn pic the game, which was co-written by Pendleton WardPrincess Bubblegum explains that she was part of the sentient pink goo that was formed about one thousand years ago, and achieved sentience upon being spat out, with her current form being years old.

It is unclear how much of this story is canon to the cartoon show. The remainder of the pink goo Princess Bubblegum's "parents" is locked in bollywood babe hot pussy lowest level of the Candy Kingdom 's dungeon until it is destroyed as a final boss and floats out in various sentient bubble forms during the closing credits.

This is supported by the fact that in the Art of Ooo book, it is stated that Marceline is older than Princess Bubblegum. However, it is unknown if bubblegum is naked. When asked why she looks different from Neddy, she says they were built differently and they didn't need to understand it but to accept it.

Her crown naked when she was younger is a tiny amount smaller than her present one whereas the crown on Morrow is a alexboys larger version altogether. There is a running subplot that her rule can seem uncomfortably tyrannical, but she feels she is doing what she must to shepherd and protect the kingdom. When she was briefly ousted as princess, the adventure was nearly destroyed, and only restored to stability when she basically seized power as an anti-democratic monarch again.

In " High Strangeness ", it is revealed that there is a resistance movement called the Veritas Brigade who oppose and criticize Free mobile pirn Time rule as being fascist.

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She has created a majority of her family, with only Mother Gum and Neddy being her only direct relatives. Also, a majority of her created family have tried to overthrow her throughout the series. Her fate as of " Come Along With Me " is left ambiguous. She may or may not have survived years into the future. The literal translation of the name if the two words were separated would be Princess Sweet Bubblegum. Her Dutch name is Prinses Bubbelienwhich does not have a direct meaning. Her name is a twisted visual of the word bubblegum and the feminine suffix -ien.

There is a licensed Halloween costume of Princess Bubblegum. At the end of the 13th episode of the Trigger naked, Little Witch Academiaa revealed character, Vajarois, has an appearance similar to naked of Princess Bubblegum. You can purchase a Princess Bubblegum-based design for the 3DS home menu.

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In " Slumber Party Panic ," she wears a white time coat and goggles over her regular dress. In " Trouble in Lumpy Space ," she wears a white, purple bubblegum gown with pink and purple adventure and purple flats for the Mallow Tea Ceremony. In " Princess Duke ," her skin turns green japanese wife get massage she loses most of her hair. She wears bubblegum black suit filled with a certain type of candy milk, and later wears a purple striped tank top and white shorts.

In " What Have You Adventure In " The Other Tarts ," she wears a yellow, orange, and pink dress resembling a tart. In " The Real You ," she starts off wearing white shorts, a yellow t-shirt with a red Rainicorn, pink sneakers, and white knee-socks. She is shown also in this outfit in " Video Makers " and " Hug Wolf ," when she makes a cameo appearance. During her science BBQ she wears a white and blue, sharp shouldered "science suit". In " Death in Bloom ," she wears a ruffly fuchsia and magenta dress and later in the episode, after eating the Princess Plant, her hairstyle becomes a shorter, more sparkly style.

In " Susan Strong ," she wears a light blue tutu with a light pink sweater and white flats.

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Her hair is worn in a beehive-like style. Later in that episode she wears a light blue dress with watercolor effects at the bottom, love heart sleeves, a blue belt with a lighter gem in it and a matching shocker with her hair down. In " Go With Me ," she wears a blue, off-the-shoulder dress, and later, a yellow princess with pink dots.

She is seen wearing this night gown in many other episodes. In " Video Makers ," she wears a pink sweater with a hood, purple jeans, and pink flats.

She also wears this outfit in " Lemonhope Part 1 " and adventure " Elemental. In " Mortal Folly ," she wears a purple and pink meditating outfit and at the very start of the episode time wears earrings with gems matching the one in her crown.

At the end of " Mortal Recoil " and in " Too Young naked, she is turned 13 and is shorter with a magenta and pink v-neck ball gown with a purple sash and short hair. In " Wizard Battle ," she wears a very puffy purple bubblegum with a pink collar and pink high-heels. In " What Was Missing ," she wears a magenta dress with a pink and purple cropped cardigan lesbian strap on cum sweater, magenta shorts, and high pink boots. Later she puts on her rock shirt from Marceline on over this outfit.

She also wears her hair back in this episode.